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Case Study

Badie Works

Services Provided: Website Design   Search Engine Optimization  

Country: Egypt

Year: 2024

Badie Works Art Studio, led by the visionary Omnia Badie, required a digital identity that reflects the essence of her artistic prowess. Lemerit embraced the challenge to create a website that not only showcases the stunning portfolio of Omnia Badie's digital art but also provides an immersive experience for visitors.

The website design encapsulates the spirit of "Badie," meaning beautiful in Arabic. Elegant and intuitive navigation invites users into a world where creativity knows no bounds. A harmonious blend of vibrant colors, sleek layouts, and seamless user interfaces mirrors Omnia Badie's commitment to aesthetic excellence.

High-End, Fully-
integrated &
Streamlined Services

Research & Design

Portfolio Showcase: Immerse yourself in Omnia Badie’s captivating digital art portfolio. Each piece is meticulously displayed, allowing users to appreciate the intricate details of her work.
About Omnia Badie: Delve into the artist’s journey and passion. Learn about the inspirations, techniques, and the artistic philosophy that defines Omnia Badie’s unique style.
Interactive Galleries: Experience art in a dynamic way through interactive galleries that bring Omnia Badie’s creations to life. Zoom in, explore, and engage with the art on a deeper level.
Art Studio Blog: Stay connected with the latest updates, behind-the-scenes insights, and Omnia Badie’s thoughts on the evolving world of digital art through the integrated blog.
Contact and Commissions: Connect with Badie Works Art Studio for inquiries, collaborations, and commissioned work. A user-friendly contact form ensures seamless communication.

Technologies used