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Case Study


Country: Egypt

Year: 2019

Existedin is a directory of services and businesses for companies, commercial activities and individuals that contains and includes only companies, commercial and service activities and service providers with a real and actual presence on the ground within the Arab Republic of Egypt.

High-End, Fully-
integrated &
Streamlined Services

Research & Design

The search and design process for Existedin, a directory of services and businesses in Egypt, involved thorough market research, user experience design, and data collection.
The project began with understanding the requirements and target audience, followed by researching existing platforms and identifying gaps. User-centric design principles were applied to create an intuitive interface and information architecture.
Data collection and verification ensured the accuracy of information, and the website was developed using modern technologies and rigorous testing. The launch was accompanied by marketing efforts, and ongoing maintenance ensures the directory’s reliability.
Overall, Existedin provides a reliable resource for individuals and companies seeking services in Egypt, offering an extensive and verified directory.

Technologies used