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Case Study


Services Provided: Website Design   WordPress development  

Country: Egypt

Year: 2018

EDOCSI, Electronic Documentation and Information Technology Service, takes care of documenting paper documents and making them available for verification by any third party over the Internet through the EDOCSI website. The service is not just electronic scanning of documents, not just online verification. Our service extends to supporting, validating and re-evaluating paper institutes.

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Research & Design

The search and design process for the EDOCSI website, offered by Electronic Documentation and Information Technology Service, encompassed a comprehensive approach aimed at efficiently documenting and verifying paper documents.
Extensive research was conducted to understand the specific requirements and challenges faced by organizations relying on paper-based institutes.
This knowledge guided the design process, which focused on developing an intuitive and secure platform. The website was designed to go beyond traditional electronic scanning and online verification services, offering extensive support, validation, and re-evaluation of paper-based institutes.
The goal was to create a user-friendly website that provides seamless access to document verification services, empowering users to securely and conveniently share and validate their paper documents over the Internet through the EDOCSI platform.

Technologies used