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Since 2006

For over 15 years, we’ve been at the forefront of the web industry, using our passion and expertise to revolutionize the way forums are designed and used. From our humble beginnings in 2006, we’ve consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and we’re proud to offer a wide range of services that meet the needs of our valued customers.”

Our story

Once upon a time,

In the early days of the web in the Middle East, forums such as vbulletin and phpbb were very dominant as platforms for online discussions and posts. With passion, we started designing forums and decided to focus our efforts on improving the design and functionality of these forums.

Through hard work and dedication, we have become experts in our field and have been able to contribute significantly to the development of forums. We have provided valuable services to many valued clients and have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge along the way.

But our journey didn’t stop there. We have always been eager to learn and improve, and continue to receive new knowledge with open arms. This has helped us to stay ahead of the curve and continue to provide innovative and cutting-edge solutions to our customers. Our passion and commitment to excellence helped us build a successful business, and we continue to be a trusted name in the world of web development, especially in the Middle East.


and here we are

We’ve always been a creative team that is passionate about development and dedicated to serving our customers with sincerity. From the beginning, we’ve faced the challenges of working with different content management systems and modern design methods. But we’ve never away from improving our skills.

We’ve always pushed ourselves to be the best, and it’s paid off. We’ve been able to overcome these challenges and continue to improve our services. We’ve expanded our services to include a wider range of services and consultations, so that we can better serve our customers and help them achieve their goals.

We believe that our dedication to serving our customers is what sets us apart. We’re constantly seeking new ways to improve our services and offer the best possible solutions. And we’re always looking to the future, so that we can continue to be at the forefront of the industry.

Our journey continues, and we’re excited to see what the future holds. We’re ready to face any challenge and we’re confident that we’ll continue to be a trusted name in the industry for many years to come.


Our Services

At Lemerit, we believe that a strong online presence is vital for any business looking to succeed in today’s digital age. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services in the field of information technology, including website creation, e-marketing, social media management, graphic design, commercial identity design and website optimization for search engines.

We understand that the digital landscape can be overwhelming, and that’s why we are dedicated to providing our clients with expert advice and guidance every step of the way. Whether you’re looking to establish a new online presence or take your existing one to the next level, our team is here to help.

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver personalized solutions that meet the unique needs of each of our clients. We never delay in providing assistance and advice, as we believe in the importance of providing excellent service and support in order to drive the growth of businesses and society as a whole.

With Lemerit, you can trust that you are in good hands and we will help you to achieve your goals and succeed online.


Mission & Vision

At Lemerit, our vision is to be a leader in our industry through innovation and a commitment to community service at the local and international levels.

Our mission is to continuously provide high-quality services and to continually develop our capabilities to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients. We strive to be at the forefront of the industry and to be known for our exceptional service and dedication to helping businesses and organizations succeed.

As a company, we are committed to being a leader in our field and to being a positive force in the communities we serve. Our goal is to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients, and to be a reliable and trusted partner in their growth and success.

We believe that by staying true to our vision and mission, we will be able to achieve our goals and make a meaningful impact on the world around us.


Our Goals

At Lemerit, our goals are to continuously improve and develop the capabilities of our team, stay current with the latest technologies in our industry, and strengthen our role in serving our community.

We are committed to providing administrative services that meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and transparency. Our goal is to be a dependable and reliable partner for our clients, and to always be looking for ways to improve our processes.

We strive to establish a culture of innovation within our organization, and we are always on the lookout for new and creative ways to serve our clients and improve our services.

We believe that by continually working towards these goals, we will be able to achieve our vision of being a leader in our industry and making a meaningful impact in the communities we serve.


Our Values

At Lemerit, our core values are rooted in respect for tradition, culture, and diversity. We believe in the importance of preserving and honoring our heritage while also embracing different perspectives and opinions.

We operate with the highest ethical standards and pledge to always act with integrity and transparency. This helps to build trust and credibility with our clients and partners.

We value teamwork and cooperation, supporting each other in our work to achieve common goals. We foster a culture of innovation, initiative, and excellence, and we are always eager to learn and grow.

We are committed to implementing effective and efficient systems and procedures to ensure that we are able to deliver the best possible service to our clients. These values guide us in everything we do and help us to be a responsible and reliable partner for our clients and the communities we serve.